More success for Clerkenwell Road also certified BREEAM Retail Very Good

As well as BREEAM Offices, Encon Associates delivered BREEAM success to Clerkenwell Road for BREEAM Retail as Very Good 57.70%.

In addition to bringing the existing offices into the modern, more contemporary present, the ground floor of 80 Clerkenwell road required A1 Retail space, to expand the options of this historic building. The ground floor can be used as an office or a retail outlet of sorts. 

Strong Design Team

A key element of sustainability is teamwork, and this had a very strong team in place. Working alongside Ben Adams Architects, Chris Evans Consulting, and the client Stewart Watson Building Surveyors, the target of BREEAM Very good were achieved in both categories or BREEAM Offices and BREEAM Retail.

The Development Plan

Developments within the Greater London area have to consider various policies, depending on the project. In this case, there were considerations for 'The London Plan, Islington's 'Core Strategy' and Islington's 'Development Management Policies'.

Additional to this, there were material considerations of sustainable development, in line with the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF).

Refurbishment of an existing brick office building

This was a refurbishment of an existing brick office building, with a two-storey extension at the 3rd & 4th floors, and a one storey rooftop extension at the fifth level. This included new services throughout, new windows and a new corner entrance. The project compromised of two elements, BREEAM Office and also BREEAM Retail, converting existing B1 office to a flexible B1 Office/ A1 retail space, for the ground floor.

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