BREEAM - Is this the World's Smartest Office Building?

'The Edge' is an office building dubbed as a "computer with a roof". It achieved BREEAM Outstanding, and for those unfamiliar with BREEAM, it basically means it's super sustainable and energy efficient! 'The Edge' was developed by OVG Real Estate and designed by PLP Architecture. The Edge is making the World stand up to the possibilities of using the most advanced technology and designing buildings that improve work lifestyle, whilst improving the sustainability of our planet.

Highest ever BREEAM Office Outstanding

At 40,000m2 and a BREEAM score of 98.39% (highest ever recorded, to date), 'The Edge' is a fantastic achievement and deserves all the credit it receives. It uses around 70% less electricity compared to similar size office buildings. Winner of 'International BREEAM Award' and 'Your BREEAM', recognition is evident, but it's the minimal footprint it leaves behind that is the greatest reward.


Basically a "Computer with a roof" 

An automated building that thinks for itself, so to speak! The lighting levels, humidity, temperature, occupancy are monitored continuously by smart technology, around 30,000 sensors, and adjusted accordingly to maintain the low energy use. Meaning, not only is this building sustainable but also comfortable for its inhabitants Deloitte.

The Edge is in Amsterdam, and being classed as the greenest office building in the world comes with many other perks. The functional design for employees is seen as "radical"! Employees can dial into their own climate and lighting app and create their own preferences. Now that is a different way of connecting with the employees. To top that off, employees have no set workspace! That's right, the app works it all out for them! In fact, it does it all! Tom Randall of Bloomberg visited back in 2015 and reported some astonishing findings! 

 edge in use

The App that does it all

The App contains all your relevant data, from your home address, your car to what biscuits you like to dip in your tea. Tom Randall reported:

"A day starts with a smartphone app. From the minute you wake up, you’re connected. The app checks your schedule, and the building recognizes your car when you arrive and directs you to a parking spot."

It's brilliant when you find out the inner workings. At 'The Edge' you don't have a set workspace. The app finds you a desk. Tom states that "workspaces are based on your schedule: sitting desk, standing desk, work booth, meeting room, balcony seat, or “concentration room.” Wherever you go, the app knows your preferences for light and temperature, and it tweaks the environment accordingly".

Inspiring the next generation

It's easy to see why more than 10,000 people visited 'The Edge' during 2015, each with a hope to learn from the World's most sustainable building.

Will we see a better BREEAM score than 98.36% on this scale? Will a giant such as Sony or Microsoft look to BREEAM in future developments for their Office space? Well they've been spotted visiting 'The Edge', so let's hope so!

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