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The question that a lot of people are still asking is “Does climate change exist” well after 2019 I think more people in the UK will be convinced that it does.

2019 has been one of the wettest years to date with some severe flooding events occurring, one of which was 14th November 2019, with severe disruption occurring across the country, affecting 1000s of properties and crippling the public transport network. I myself witnessed this severe flooding event firsthand with my business trip to Cardiff from our head office in Nottingham via the cross-country rail system. The journey was disrupted on several occasions by deep flooding across many parts of the rail system encroaching onto the train line itself, however despite this I arrived at my destination a few hours late but safe.

The flooding that I witnessed during the journey was some of the worst I have seen, and I live in a village that regularly floods. A few hours after arriving in Cardiff it is time for me to head home which ends before it starts at Cardiff Central Station. Upon arriving at the station, I am greeted with mass train cancellations, one of which is my train…. looks like I am spending the night in Cardiff, although I am one of the lucky ones.

The world is witnessing more and more catastrophic weather events each year ranging from flooding right through to unprecedented summer temperatures. The question on people’s lips should not be ‘Does climate change exist’ and be replaced with ‘Can climate change be reversed’.

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