From São Paulo to Nottingham

Our Sustainability Consultant, Beatryz Botelho Budacs, takes us on a journey of discovery back to her roots in Brazil

Welcome aboard this journey to Brazil, a country of great diversity, beauty, and culinary delights. As we embark on an 11-hour direct flight from London, we are in for a treat. Get ready to feast your eyes on the stunning coastline that stretches over 7,491 km and more than 2,000 beaches, and not only Rio, rain forest, soccer, samba, and carnival can be found there.


Brazil is a country of abundance, where everything that you plant, grows. The agricultural industry is so strong that the country can feed 10% of the entire world's population. This abundance is reflected in the country's cuisine, with Rodizios (all you can eat) and buffets that will leave you lost for words. From Feijoada to Moqueca, Coxinhas to Pasteis, Brigadeiro, and more, Brazil's cuisine is a true feast for the senses.

Brazilian Food

But Brazil is more than just beautiful beaches and delicious food. With 26 states and a federal district, four different time zones, and five different regions. It is home to six different biomes and more than 25 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, plus, stunning architecture and landscape.

One city that captures the essence of Brazil's diversity is São Paulo. Known for its unpredictable weather, São Paulo is the fourth biggest city in the world, and also, my hometown, with more people than London. It is a city that never ceases to surprise, with a mix of modern skyscrapers and historic colonial buildings. It was also a hub for modern architecture in the 60’s, with renowned architects such as Oscar Niemeyer, Lina Bo Bardi, and Paulo Mendes da Rocha leaving their mark on the city.

Brazilian Architecture

Something very interesting there are the people! Brazil is a true nation of many cultures, which has roots from all over the world! The heritage goes from the South American natives, Europeans, Africans, and from Asia, such as Japan and China! Me, as an example, I’m a pure blend of Hungarians, Italians, Africans, and maybe natives, all in the last 4 generations. What does it mean? Well, no one in my family looks the same and, here in the UK, people cannot guess where I’m from, which is funny.

But São Paulo is not the only place in Brazil where you can find stunning architecture and beautiful landscapes. From the historic city of Salvador, with its colourful colonial buildings, to the modernist capital of Brasilia, Brazil is a country that is full of architectural wonders. And when it comes to landscapes, there is something for everyone: from the lush Amazon rainforest to the stunning Iguazu Falls.

Brazilian Landscape

In conclusion, you will find a unique blend of natural beauty, cultural richness, culinary delights, and vibrant cities. Since I moved from Brazil, I feel myself a lucky person, as I found a warm welcome here in Nottingham, which has a high concern for sustainability, and after starting to work at Encon Associates, I just realize how nice the cultural exchange is, as I found a dynamic environment, with lots of diversity of work and services, making a positive impact on the environment and society, and helping our clients succeed in a rapidly changing world, a warm environment for everybody, as my hometown.

Written by Beatryz Botelho Budacs, Sustainability Consultant, Encon Associates Limited


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