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In June 2018, we were appointed to carry out an Energy Analysis, As Built EPC’s for Building Regulation compliance and a BREEAM assessment for Handcross Industrial Units based in Handcross not too far from Crawley.

Project Discussion & Expectations

Initially, we were appointed to carry out an Energy Analysis, with a specification constructed with guidance from the client. Working together, with their requests and our specialised team at hand, we set to work to achieve the required number of credits targeted under the BREEAM assessment. After plenty of project analysis and discussion with the client, we decided the best thing to do would be to build a spec ourselves without the need for installation of any LZC technologies.

LZC technologies are one of the steps in the energy hierarchy, it aims to assess the possibility of using Low or Zero Carbon (LZC) technologies early on in the design process. Their main purpose is to reduce demand on fossil fuels and to encourage sustainable construction and development.

By building our own spec for this project to run from, we essentially improved the overall projects energy performance and made the project more cost effective all around.

Achieving Compliance 

Unfortunately, the daylighting compliance for BREEAM was not initially achieved as some of the rooms within the building were not receiving enough natural daylight throughout the year. It is a crucial step within sustainable construction to ensure that a building is using enough natural resources and reducing carbon emissions. To achieve a BREEAM standard, a good standard of natural daylighting throughout the year must also be met to ensure the occupant(s) have visual comfort for their health and wellbeing.

After carrying out further analysis and calculations to ensure that the compliance was met for BREEAM purposes, using separate criteria to assess the uniformity ratio provided by the Rooflights on the scheme. Compliance with ENE 01 and HEA 01 requirements was successfully met for all units in accordance with the targets set out in the BREEAM pre-assessment.

Outcome & Feedback

We are also now in the process of completing the full BREEAM assessment on these schemes and will be working on the second phase of the development as a result of the successful management and progress of phase one.

With the specialist knowledge and support from our Senior Environmental Consultant, Nathan and our Graduate Sustainability Consultant, Katie. We have built a great relationship with Magrock and we look forward to working with them on future projects.

We have also received some great feedback from Magrock since, expressing that our turnaround time was much shorter than they had expected and that we understood their questions and concerns extremely well.


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For more information on LZC technologies, along with a step by step guide, click here.

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