IES TaP for BREEAM Project Management tool

A Powerful Project Management tool!

IES have released a video to demonstrate the benefits of using the system IES TaP for BREEAM, of which we are firm users/ believers here at Encon Associates.

Awarded the BRE Global BREEAM Badge of recognition, IES TaP (Track-a-Project) for BREEAM manages the whole project team through the assessment process into the BRE for QA and certification. If you are in anyway involved in BREEAM assessments, you should not overlook the benefits offered by this solution.


The software allows you to access all of your projects on in one place, including pre-assessment, design stage, and post-construction. All project team members can be assigned responsibility for all evidence they are associated with providing.

Easily review evidence

The evidence is uploaded online securely, meaning it is safe to do, but also means the evidence is live in the cloud, so no missing vital evidence due to missing credits. As the BREEAM Assessor, you can easily review the evidence and award credits when achieved.

ies tap for breeam

One of the biggest struggles in a project is keeping the high levels of communications open and flowing, and IES TaP does this via automatic email notifications to the project team. It allows for real-time updates and keeps on top of who still needs to do what.

Real-time progress - Online

The software allows you to see the real-time progress of evidence and credits, whilst avoiding out-of-date spreadsheets and misplaced information.

ies tap for breeam

The system includes an approved referencing & download section that is fully integrated into the BRE QA process. It offers strong visuals for ease of access, and an extensive list of reports.

Never miss a BREEAM Target

When appointed Encon Associates you will receive use IES TaP BREEAM free of charge, saving on average £600 per project. This doesn't only save time, but really does save time and a lot of stress. As a global tool, even the likes of Bouygues and the Green Building Council SA use this software. The ability to be able to monitor and visualise progress against the target eliminates the risk of projects missing the target or even failing!

We regularly get enquiries of failing BREEAM projects asking if we can bring them back to life, which anyone working in BREEAM will know is very difficult. With the expertise of our assessors and the use of IES TaP, we have never had this problem ourselves!

As an SME business, IES TaP is an invaluable business tool, that has allowed us to take on more work without compromising on the quality of our assessments.

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