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With the help of IES TaP, BREEAM assessors at Encon Associates Ltd now have the capacity to take on around three times the number of projects they could using their previous reporting methods.

As an SME business with a team of BREEAM assessors, Encon Associates began using the IES TaP tool over four years ago to make their evidence tracking and submission process more efficient. The system has since allowed them to eradicate dated excel based reporting methods entirely with all of their BREEAM assessments now monitored in a centralised online location.

Whilst previously their assessors may have been working at capacity, IES TaP has enabled Encon Associates to triple their workload without increasing employee numbers. “The system saves significant time previously spent on administration tasks, such as progress reporting and updated evidence status,” says Glenn Miles. “Whilst spreadsheet methods may have taken up to an hour to produce a report, IES TaP can facilitate the same thing in a matter of minutes and I can send it directly to any of the design team from the system. BRE submissions now take half the time and, if comparing to original hard copy reporting and CD submission, the reporting takes a tenth of the time.”

Another key benefit for Encon Associates is the ability to track the progress of their assessments in real time. IES TaP ensures that there is only ever one controlled copy of the assessment and its progress; something which is not always possible using traditional excel based methods. Glenn Miles comments, “A particularly valuable aspect of the tool is having the ability to undertake a client meeting and access all the information on site via an internet enabled device knowing that the report will be 100% up to date. I can also complete a live Pre-Assessment and carry out multiple BREEAM scenarios on site, saving valuable time otherwise spent back at the office.”

Encon Associates have now used the system on a number of high profile projects, including:

Beatrice Tate School
Encon Associates completed a BREEAM Education assessment and provided BREEAM AP services to ensure that the project met stringent planning requirements with a BREEAM ‘Excellent’ rating of 80.47%. The project also reached the shortlist for the BREEAM Awards 2015.

City Park 1, Aberdeen, Scotland
This £42 million project will be one of the largest ‘A’ rated office developments for energy efficiency in Aberdeen and is set to achieve a BREEAM rating of Very Good.

“IES TaP is invaluable to our business. The system has allowed us to take on more work without increasing staffing levels or compromising on the quality of our assessments.

As an SME, it is safe to say that it would not have been economically viable for us to provide BREEAM assessments without the benefit of the IES TaP project management tool.”

- Glenn Miles
Director, Encon Associates Ltd

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