Looking to the future - BREEAM innovations

By applying for a BREEAM assessment you’re joining a community of organisations who are able to focus on the latest industry technologies. In their own words, BREEAM’s “work with industry gives… an understanding of the opportunities and barriers in science, design, manufacturing and construction.”

BREEAM’s main aim currently is to share its environmentally conscious and low carbon ethos with its clients. As such, much of their research and ideas for assessment in the near future aspire towards low carbon technologies.

Anyone wishing to have their properties assessed to BREEAM standard has access to highly innovative technologies. A few examples of these technologies are low flush toilets, which were first researched by BREEAM as far back as 1991; the encouragement of development initiatives like the Forest Stewardship Council’s scheme; and life cycle analysis of building materials.

Due to great communication, “formal consultations and regular expert engagement activities” with the BREEAM community, they ensure they’re ahead of the game when it comes to technological industry advances, which means with a BREEAM assessment, you can be too. Contact us to find out more information. 

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