Poland's Crooked Forest

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The Crooked Forest, as it is known is a forest of around 400 pine trees in Poland. These are no normal Pine trees, as the base of each tree bends at 90 degrees before curving back upwards. They all point in the same direction. The Crooked Forest is enveloped by a larger forest of straight growing Pine trees.

What could have caused this phenomenon?

These trees were likely planted around the 1930’s, and due to the invasion of Poland during WW2, the town was devastated and not re-established until the 1970’s. This means that none of the locals have any idea why the trees look like this!

There are many theories, including:

  • Some believe that gravity is responsible. However this is unlikely as gravity pulls down, not sideways.
  • Others believe that during WW2, enemy tanks ploughed through the young forest, flattening the trees to such an extent that they grew crooked. However this is unlikely as the rest of the woodland grows normally, and it is unlikely for so many trees to have survived this ordeal.
  • A slightly more plausible idea is that there was a heavy snow that flattened the young trees for an extended period of time whilst they were still saplings. However it would be unlikely for only this part of the woodland to be affected by a snowstorm in this way.
  • The most accepted idea is that these trees are man-made. Trees could have been deliberately manipulated whilst saplings for use as construction material, such as for furniture or for ship building. But the interruption that the war caused left the farmers unable to complete their job

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