Superstructure is now almost complete - Project Update April 2018

With the Superstructure now almost complete, things are moving fast on our Shelt Hill Project in Woodborough, Nottingham.

The superstructure is now almost complete and two concrete pours have been completed without too many set backs. The contractors Castlegate Construction overcame two small concrete bursts during the first pour but overcame them quickly and efficiently by shoring up the damaged area and bracing until the concrete was completed.

Aggregate Industries provided the Readymix concrete and were chosen due to them being an ISO 14001 company and operating numerous responsible sourcing policies which ensures the concrete has less of an impact compared to other suppliers.

Charles Lomax and Sons have provided all materials for the build to date, all responsibly sourced materials and PEFC timber.

shelt hill pana

Next step

Over the coming weeks, there will be the delivery of the timber Eco posi joists to site from an environmentally conscious company, Tailor Made. Again, Tailor Made were chosen for the project due to their responsible sourcing policies and 100% FSC/PEFC timber products, something that runs in line with our philosophies and processes here at Encon Associates.

shelt hill pana

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