Sustainable Cities Part 3

In the third and final part of his blog, our Graduate Transport Consultant Tyler Shin takes us on a final journey to one of the World's Sustainable Cities.

You can see a major theme with developed cities and their actions to become sustainable from my previous blogs. 

The main emphasis of developed cities is that they aim to decarbonise. Cities in developing countries may not have this luxury, as they may lack the necessary infrastructure, expertise, or funds to carry out such plans. 

The effects of climate change will impact cities in developing countries more than in developed countries. Therefore, cities in developing countries may need to prioritise resilience more. Becoming a sustainable city in a developing country is a balancing act, so how are cities in developing countries adapting to become sustainable?

Rosario banner


Rosario in Argentina has taken enormous steps to become a resilient and sustainable city, with numerous initiatives in place to become more resilient to future external and internal shocks. 

Rosario Climate Crisis

Rosario has a successful history of converting disused plots into fruit and vegetable parks, increasing the sustainability and resilience of the city. This reduces food miles, maintains food security, and improves the ecology of the city. Other Initiatives involve energy and hydrothermal efficiency measures in buildings during the construction phase, which reduces energy demand during summer and winter.

Rosario urban vegetable garden

With climate change and the increasing urban population driving the issues surrounding sustainability, cities are at the forefront of implementing sustainable solutions to tackle the growing concerns around people and the environment. If cities act now to become more sustainable and resilient, we can adapt and mitigate the impact of the changing climate on the environment.

However, to achieve this, policymakers and organizations must take an integrated approach, ensuring that all pillars and themes surrounding sustainable development are included; by integrating the people into this process or by creating a demand for sustainable development/technologies.

Look out for future blog articles by other members of our team as they give us an insight into the topics that interest them.

Written by Tyler Shin, Graduate Transport Consultant, Highways & Transportation Division

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