Inn 1: Innovation

Encon Associates provide services to achieve the BREEAM 2008 credit Inn 1: Innovation

The aim of this credit is "To provide additional recognition for a procurement strategy, design feature, management process or technological development that innovates in the field of sustainability, above and beyond the level that is currently recognised and rewarded within standard BREEAM issues."

To meet compliance with this credit you will need to appoint and make comprehensive use of a BREEAM Accredited Professional (AP) throughout project work stages


By appointing Encon Associates as BREEAM Accredited Professionals it opens the design team to additional credits afforded only to schemes where an AP guides and leads the BREEAM process from RIBA stage C.


Additional BREEAM 2008 Credits

We provide a number of services specifically designed to achieve credits under BREEAM 2008. If you are working towards a BREEAM 2008 certification, please visit our page below to see if there are any other credits we can help with.

BREEAM 2008 Credits

Customer Testimonials

"The scope of skills/services that Encon provide are fantastic, kept all neatly under one roof, which is a bonus when coordinating our developments - we would highly recommend Encon to any size organisations as they have the capability to work small or large scale."

Melissa Fennell
Fenwood Estates Limited

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