BREEAM Multi-Residential Assessments

As BREEAM assessors, Encon Associates can provide BREEAM Multi-Residentia Assessments.

Our extensive knowledge of residential developments and our experience in assessing to the BREEAM multi-Residential assessment criteria, we are able to confidently apply the BREEAM Multi-Residential assessment methodology to bespoke housing developments.

As BREEAM assessors, we can fully assist you and your design team to ensure the highest environmental standards are met and BREEAM multi-residential assessment rating is achieved.

About BREEAM Multi-Residential Assessments

Residential developments differ enormously depending on the brief of the scheme and cannot always fit the standard Code for Sustainable Homes methodology.

BREEAM Multi-residential offers a bespoke version which is tailor made to suit your individual development type.

The methodology looks at communal services and the management of communal areas within buildings such as catering facilities, lounges, dining rooms, health and leisure areas, offices, meeting rooms and other support areas, for example laundries

Buildings that may be assessed under BREEAM Multi-residential are typically:

  • Student halls of residence/Key worker accommodation
  • Sheltered housing for the elderly
  • Supported housing for mentally/physically disabled persons
  • Hostel type accommodation (such as for the homeless, women's refuges etc.)


When using Encon Associates as your BREEAM assessor, the IES TaP for BREEAM tracking system will be used throughout the project to provide project management, progress reporting and integrated submission to BRE for QA and BREEAM certification.

You can read more about IES TaP and the benefits it brings to your BREEAM project.


Additional BREEAM Credit Services

We offer a whole spectrum of BREEAM design and advisory services to help your development achieve an outstanding level of sustainability. These include:

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"As well as providing BREEAM Assessor and BREEAM AP services, Encon Associates were also able to offer additional services where required - including compiling the Tenant Green Guide Specification."

Paul Geddes
Bowmer and Kirkland Ltd

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