CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme

The CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme (formerly known as the Carbon Reduction Commitment) is a mandatory cap and trade emissions scheme that launched in April 2010, for which organisations need to be preparing now.

The scheme will target up to 5,000 large organisations such as supermarkets, hotels, bluechip corporations, government departments and large local authorities whose emissions are currently not included in any Climate Change Agreements.

If your organisation spends at least £500,000 on electricity, then from April 2010 you will be legally committed to calculate and report your carbon emissions annually.

From April 2011 participants will be required to buy CRC allowances to cover their anticipated emissions for each year.  Emissions will be based on electricity, gas, fuel oil, LPG and/or solid fuel.  Initially the scheme will be uncapped and it is expected that the allowances will be £12 per tonne of CO2.

The aim is for monies to be recycled back to organisations based upon their position in the league table.  Poor performers will receive only a portion of their monies back.

Taking action now in preparing a strategy, putting together a CRC team and creating systems to collect quality energy data will payback by avoiding any unforeseen financial costs.

Take Action Now:

  • Check your electricity data for 2008 to see if your participation is required
  • Decide on your strategic approach to the schemes requirements
  • Calculate your likely CRC emissions footprint in order to find out the allowances you will need to purchase. Failure to purchase the correct level of permits may incur penalty charges

Encon Associates can help you meet your CRC requirements by:

  • Evaluating the impacts of CRC on your company
  • Formulating a CRC compliance strategy appropriate to your business
  • Calculating your carbon footprint
  • Assessing the cost of compliance to you and establishing the optimal timing for payment
  • Compile Early Action Measures and help you to achieve them
  • Produce an energy saving plan

Customer Testimonials

"Encon Associates invariably went out of their way to assist our teams to navigate the complexities of various sustainability assessments, throughout both the design and the construction stage - which is why we have had a very successful cooperation for several years now."

Sasha Njagulj
Bouygues UK

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