Fitwel Certification

Promote healthier buildings with Fitwel certification. Quicker and easier than BREEAM, it enhances well-being and aligns with E.S.G. strategies.

Fitwel is a building certification that aims to promote healthier buildings. The Fitwel Certification is recognised by various organisations worldwide, including the U.S. Green Building Council. It focuses on health and well-being, aligning with E.S.G. (Environment, Social, and Governance) strategies, by increasing the Sustainable development goals potentializing the social impacts of the constructions.

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Compared to BREEAM, Fitwel is known for being a faster and easier certification process, taking up to 12 weeks to build certification after submission.

 It's an alternative for clients who want to improve indoor health and well-being but prefer a quicker process than BREEAM.

Fitwel complements BREEAM certification. If a design team is already pursuing BREEAM Certification, it's easy to comply with Fitwel credits.

What can be assessed under FITWEL?

Fitwel assesses the following schemes:

  • Community (CM)
  • Commercial & Industrial Site (CS)
  • Multi-Residential (MFR)
  • Workplace (MTBB), (MTWB), (ST), (CI)
  • Retail (RT)

Areas assessed under Fitwel include:

  • Outdoor Spaces
  • Indoor Environments
  • Works and Shared 
  • Water Supply
  • Building Access

Fitwel Credits 

Fitwel Certification has 12 different assessment categories

Focusing on promoting health and well-being, It addresses concerns such as food, inclusion, physical activities, movement, and reduction of absenteeism for regular occupants.

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Fitwel has a Star Rating system based on certification points, with three final scores:

  • 1 Star: 90-104 points
  • 2 Stars: 105-124 points
  • 3 Stars: 125-144 points (144 being the maximum score of the certification)

The main difference between BREEAM and Fitwel in the final rating is that Fitwel does not have precondition credits; all points have different weights based on an algorithm, and the final rating may be rounded up or down based on two decimal numbers.

E.g. 88.86 =  90,0 and 40.19 = 4.0

Adding value 

In addition to promoting well-being and health in the indoor environment, an accredited Fitwel building can increase effective rent value by up to 7.7% per square foot!

In conclusion, Fitwel Certification offers a quicker, cheaper, and easier certification compared to others such as WELL and BREEAM.

If you want to add value to your building/project with a faster certification, Fitwel is the right choice!

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