BS4142 Environmental Noise Assessment

Encon Associates provide a BS4142 Environmental Noise Assessment service which may be required as part of planning applications or conditions of planning consent.

Often local authorities ask for the impact of noise to nearby residential properties from a proposed commercial development and condition that the impact is reduced or in line with the existing background noise levels.

Acoustic Assessments

Encon Associates are highly experienced acousticians who can undertake the necessary acoustic assessment of existing background noise levels and predict the resultant background noise levels based on the proposed plant to be installed. Our Acousticians can provide the necessary design advice to mitigate the noise impact via alternative plant, alternative location of plant OR attenuation measures. All Encon Associates acousticians are MIOA (Members of the Institute of Acoustics).

Acoustic Assessments Service

Additional Services

We provide a number of services specifically designed to help mitigate commonly required planning conditions, support pre-application requirements, planning conditions, and planning objections and refusals.

Planning and Building Regulations Services

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"We have always received a proactive, timely and helpful consultant service from Encon Associates - they are one of our very top go-to consultancies and we turn to them time and again. Sincerely recommended."

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