SAP Calculations for Extensions (Heat Loss Calculations)

Encon Associates provide SAP Calculations for Extensions which may be required as part of planning applications or conditions of planning consent.

If you are extending an existing dwelling then you may need to comply with Planning and Building Regulation requirements for heating.

SAP calculations are required for extensions if the proposed area of new glazing exceeds 25% of the total extension area, to comply with Approved Document Part L.

What is SAP for Extensions?

SAP (Standard Assessment Procedure) is a licensed assessment tool carried out by accredited energy assessors to provide documentation required for your local building control body for the overall sign off process.

SAP Calculations for extensions are used to determine the amount of heat loss that will occur in the proposed extensions due to the large amount of glazing. The maximum allowable glazing for an extension is 25% of the total extension area - once that threshold is exceeded SAP will be required.

18% of all domestic heat loss occurs through glazing, which is why it is a recognised area of improvement and SAP calculations can help bridge the performance gap. Resulting in lower running costs for the homeowner.


SAP Calculations

Encon Associates are able to undertake SAP Calculations for extensions if the amount of glazing is over 25% of the total extension area in order to comply with Building Regulations and determine the amount of heat loss that will occur.

SAP Calculations Service

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