Daylighting Calculations

Encon Associate’s Daylighting Calculations service evaluates daylight utilisation and is essential for achieving environmental credits for both BREEAM and Code for Sustainable Homes assessments.

Better utilisation of daylight can be hugely beneficial, as it can reduce the need for artificial lighting and internal gains caused by solar energy and electric lighting; thus being more environmentally friendly and saving your clients money.

Our Daylight Calculations service can also indicate whether daylight may cause problems with glare on workplaces or other places in the visual environment.

Computer Simulated Daylighting Calculations

We use the latest technology and advanced computer simulations to evaluate the daylight efficiency of your scheme and offer advice on possible improvements.  Calculations are fully BRE compliant in accordance with the requirements for both BREEAM and Code for Sustainable Homes assessments.

Should the daylight factors be unsuitable or non-compliant we can offer advice on possible improvements if required.

Daylighting Calculations for Environmental Credits

If your project is working towards an environmental assessment, our Daylighting Calculations service can help achieve the following credits:

BREEAM 2014 BREEAM 2011 BREEAM 2008 Code for Sustainable Homes November 2010

Daylighting Calculations for Planning

Our Daylighting Calculations service can help mitigate planning applications or conditions of planning consent:

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