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Is Smartflower the smartest solar energy on the market?

Recently we’ve seen the Electricity Tree fluttering around social media (It uses blades to generate energy from light breezes), and more recently we are seeing the smartflower. The inventors  claim that it is solar energy made simple,

Your everyday life, powered by a very smart plant

The Austrian inventors of the smartflower, claim many things amongst being the ‘world’s first’ all-in-one solar energy, but to put it in perspective for daily living, here are some examples of what this would do for you.

The smartflower claims that just ‘one day’ of using the smart flower (we are assuming this is based in a sunny location), the smartflower could achieve any of the following:

  • Fully charge up over 2,400 smartphones (imagine how many nokia 3310’s that would be)
  • Charge and electric car and drive up to 62 miles
  • Wash 17 loads of dirty laundry
  • Power LED lights for over 4,300 hours
  • Watch 360 hours of TV (We’d probably focus on The Walking Dead during this time…)

Image via smartflower

Image via smartflower

Solar energy that takes care of itself

The smartflower has a quirky little design feature where it will clean its own panels, via tiny brushes on the backs of the panels, dusting off dirt. On traditional roofing solar panel, this reduces efficiency by around 5%, the smartflower takes care of this.

40% more efficient than the traditional solar products

As the sun moves through the sky, the smartflower has a tracking system that rotates the smartflower on a dual axis, to ensure constant optimal angle for maximal energy all day. Traditional solar panels are fixed and therefore will only get minimal optimal positioning, if installed correctly. Once the day is over, the smartflower simply puts itself to sleep to protect itself and cleans its solar petals in the process.


Most portable all-in-one solar technology

The smartflower is installed by engineers for optimal function, but if you needed to relocate the solar system, elsewhere on your property or even moving home, then this is no issue for the device. In comparison to roof mounted solar panels, moving house generally means leaving these behind as part of the sale. The smart flower would be no different to packing up the house, and starting again, with clean energy.

Is this for everyone?

Is this for everyone? We assume you will need a location where the sun, if out, can be captured throughout the entire day. Many homes have fences and neighbouring houses that would cast a shadow over various parts of their properties, making roof panels possibly more appealing unless they look at installing the smartflower onto the roof of a home… well smartflower, will you?

In the current climate, it is essential that we are thinking about these renewable concepts, ones that are sustainable and affordable. Is the smartflower one?

Maybe visit their website make your own mind up

Smartflower Solar Website

Image via smartflower

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