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Being affiliated with a trusted institution that helps set standards within your industry is certainly one of the achievements many businesses and organisations aspire to obtain. Not only does this show you are in good company, but it also enables you to demonstrate your commitment to providing ethical, professional, and high-quality services. A perfect example of this is Encon Associates. Just recently, Encon Associates have had the honour of becoming a member of the Chartered Institute of Building, a feat only a handful of UK construction companies and consultancies could achieve. 

But what is the CIOB exactly? And what does it mean for a company or organisation like Encon Associates to be affiliated with such an established industry name?

Who Is the Chartered Institute of Building and What Do They Do? 

Established in 1834, the Chartered Institute of Building or CIOB is the most influential professional body that sets and holds standards for management and leadership within the construction industry. They educate, train, and collaborate with both industry members and policymakers to create an environment where everyone can work and live with comfort, confidence, and safety. 

CIOB was granted a Royal Charter in 1980, which commits the institute to promoting the science and practice of sound and ethical building and construction for the benefit of the public. They also campaign on major issues affecting the industry, such as the abolition of modern slavery, improving the quality of the built environment, and protecting the natural environment through energy-efficient buildings and sustainable construction practices.

The CBC Scheme Explained 

Amongst professional bodies and organisations in the built environment, CIOB has the most diverse membership, and many of its affiliates went on to create ground-breaking projects in different parts of the world. Indeed, being a member of the Chartered Institute of Building impacts one's reputation and work practices. However, how does a building company become a member of this prestigious industry body and make the most of the advantages it provides? 

Construction companies and consultancies can achieve Chartered status through the CIOB’s Chartered Building Company/Consultancy or CBC Scheme. Introduced in 1993, the CBC Scheme was developed to support construction organisations by validating and recognising their efforts to meet ethical codes, practice sound business management, and achieve and maintain the highest possible industry standards.

Becoming a member

To become a CIOB member and achieve a Chartered Building Company or Consultancy status, candidates must meet critical requirements, such as: 

  • At least 50% of the board of directors possess a Chartered status.
  • At least 25% of the board of directors are CIOB members or fellows.
  • The company or consultancy has been trading for a minimum of two years.
  • The company or consultancy’s principal activity is related to the construction industry. 

Membership application is a straightforward process. Candidates must complete an online form and submit their policies or statements on key management areas, such as Health and Safety, Environmental Performance, and Equal Opportunities. They must also provide references from clients and suppliers. 

CIOB will then review the application and contact the candidates as soon as a decision regarding their membership has been made.

Benefits of achieving a Chartered status within the CBC Scheme

Becoming a Chartered Building Company/Consultancy is an honour amongst those in the construction industry as it improves their reputation and company profile. In return, this allows them to attract new clients while strengthening their relationship with existing customers. 

Beyond solidifying one’s credibility and reputation, obtaining a Chartered status within the CBC Scheme enables a company to demonstrate its competency. Because the CBC Scheme recognises standards of work concerning ethics and professionalism, their supply chain can look at the list of standards and work practices with confidence that all appropriate elements are in place. It also reassures them that these standards are appropriately vetted at the outset and monitored regularly.

Encon Associates: Now a Chartered Member of the CIOB 

We are proud to announce that Encon Associates have recently joined the ranks of construction companies and consultancies with a Chartered status within the CBC Scheme. This is certainly a significant achievement for our team, as there are fewer than 500 construction companies and consultancies in the world currently chartered with the CIOB. 

To achieve such a status, Encon Associates underwent a strict vetting process and met the same stringent criteria expected of CBCs. This is where Encon’s capabilities truly shone as we were able to demonstrate that we have the relevant competencies and the trust and support of clients and the supply chain that served as our references. More importantly, we were able to prove that we adhere to the highest possible industry standards and actually use our written policies to help our clients better. 

Becoming a member of the Chartered Institute of Building is certainly not the end of the road for us. To retain our certification, we at Encon Associates must strive to keep improving our standards and policies. This would enable us to adopt and utilise emerging industry trends and technologies while fulfilling our clients’ ever-changing needs. 

Our latest achievement inspires and motivates us to always do our best to provide our clients with the knowledge and expertise they require to fulfill their business goals and obtain their target levels of sustainability. As such, you can count on us to continue offering reliable solutions and unparalleled consultancy services synonymous with our name.

Work with Building Sustainability Experts Trusted by the CIOB 

Achieving a Chartered status within the CBC Scheme is significant for many building companies and consultancies. But beyond giving one's reputation a boost, it also benefits their respective clients by reassuring them that the company's policies and work practices are on par with industry standards, especially in terms of ethics and professionalism. 

If you are looking for building sustainability experts trusted and recognised by the CIOB, look no further than Encon Associates. Get in touch with us today, and we’ll provide you with the expert assistance you require to achieve your target BREEAM rating and levels of sustainability.

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