BREEAM enables companies to arm themselves against climate change

As BREEAM points out in one of their news articles, Swedish chemist Svante Arrhenius predicted in 1896 that, “industrial age coal burning would enhance the greenhouse effect”. Fortunately, as evidence of the harmful effects of greenhouses gasses such as burning coal and fuel grew, 94 years after Arrhenius made this statement, BRE began to search for the best ways of understanding and managing the risks of climate change.

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The next 50-80 years is milder

BREEAM’s also states that “in the UK, the outlook for the next 50-80 years is milder, warmer temperatures and increased rainfall”. Is it possible that this drastic change to our climate here in the UK won’t affect the way we certify the health and safety of our buildings? BREEAM is now more than ever working on ways to future-proof the nation’s newest constructions so that a warmer, more wet and humid environment doesn’t cause health problems to the population.

Buildings remain our biggest protectors

BRE recognise that now is the time to ensure that our nation’s buildings remain our biggest protectors from the natural hazards that are exacerbated by global warming such as rising sea levels, floods, water borne pathogens and many others. They state, “through the consideration of issues such as GHG emission reduction, climatic modelling, flood risk management, air and water quality, and designing for resilience, BREEAM project teams are being challenged and upskilled to deliver and adapt a built environment fit for the climates of the future.”

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To find out what other measures BREEAM are considering to help arm property developers against climate change check out BREEAM’s briefing paper. For more information or to find out how Encon Associates can certify your building to a BREEAM standard get in touch

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