Life Cycle Costing

When considering the sustainability of a design, Life Cycle or Whole Life Costing is an essential part of the process.

The overall cost of operating the facility, both in financial and environmental terms is assessed. The legacy of ill-considered design, affecting the performance of a building in terms of energy costs, maintenance, performance and overall environmental burden, is one that will last the life of the facility.

As responsible designers we have a duty to provide the best whole life solution to our brief whether this is reflected in the architectural design of the building, the choice of a services solution or the internal finishes and materials.

To be truly effective this process should begin at the design stage of the project, and should be constantly modified and developed during the construction phase.

Life Cycle Costing Service

Initial Life Cycle analysis can be carried out by Encon Associates to quantitatively assess the most appropriate solution in terms of Whole Life costs which can often demonstrate the proportionally small effect that the initial capital expenditure has on the overall operating cost.

Throughout the design and construction period the model is continuously developed as the specification and quantities of the principal assets are known.

At project completion the process is translated into a ''Living Document'' provided to the client or operator, allowing them to compare actual costs against forecasts, and to analyse the effect of these changes on future planned expenditure.

Encon Associates utilise the very latest in software technology that not only ensures the analysis meets with BREEAM standards, but can also be developed to produce a final model which will provide a tangible benefit to the building owner.

Customer Testimonials

"Encon Associates invariably went out of their way to assist our teams to navigate the complexities of various sustainability assessments, throughout both the design and the construction stage - which is why we have had a very successful cooperation for several years now."

Sasha Njagulj
Bouygues UK

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