How to Find a BREEAM Assessor You Can Trust

How to Find a BREEAM Assessor You Can Trust


If you are involved in a construction project and you want to achieve sustainability and a strong environmental performance, finding a reliable BREEAM assessor is absolutely crucial. The Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methodology (BREEAM) is widely recognised as a leading sustainability assessment tool and BREEAM assessors play a vital role in guiding and assessing a project’s compliance with the necessary standards. In this blog post, we will provide valuable tips on how to find a BREEAM assessor you can trust.


Understanding BREEAM and the Role of an Assessor 

BREEAM is a comprehensive assessment method used to evaluate the environmental performance of buildings. It covers various categories such as energy, water, materials, and health and well-being. The aim of BREEAM is to minimise the environmental impact of buildings while maximising their sustainability and efficiency.


What does a BREEAM assessor do?

Meeting BREEAM standards will involve a significant amount of time and a comprehensive plan. This is why the guidance and expertise of a licensed assessor can prove so invaluable to your business. 

A BREEAM assessor will have the requisite qualifications and experience to assess building designs and developments. Their responsibilities include conducting assessments, providing recommendations for achieving BREEAM ratings, and helping clients meet sustainability targets. They act as guides throughout the certification process, ensuring compliance with BREEAM requirements.


Benefits of working with a BREEAM assessor

Collaborating with a BREEAM assessor can bring a number of benefits to your business. For example, they can provide expert advice, enhance the sustainability of your projects, facilitate certification and ensure compliance with the local building regulations. Moreover, working with a BREEAM assessor will help you gain recognition for your commitment to sustainability and can also have a positive impact on the market value of your properties.


9 Steps to Finding a Reliable BREEAM Assessor

As we have discussed, collaborating with a qualified BREEAM assessor can help take your projects to the next level. Nevertheless, as there are dozens of assessors working in the UK, you will need to conduct some due diligence to ensure you choose the right person for the job. Here are some important factors to consider.

a. Start with online research and review platforms

You should begin by conducting some online research. Look for BREEAM assessors in your local area and browse their websites to gather relevant information. You should also check the online review platforms to read feedback left by previous clients. These platforms can give you an idea of an assessor’s reputation and quality of service.

b. Seek recommendations from industry professionals

Reach out to industry professionals such as architects, contractors and developers who have experience of undergoing BREEAM assessments. They will be able to provide valuable insights and recommend reliable assessors they have worked with in the past.

c. Check for official BREEAM accreditation and certification

A trustworthy assessor will have the necessary official accreditation and certification from BREEAM. Before enlisting their services, you should take the time to verify their credentials and ensure they are listed as an approved assessor.

d. Consider their experience and track record

When it comes to assessing the sustainability of buildings, experience is vital. For this reason, you must evaluate an assessor’s experience of conducting BREEAM assessments and their track record of being involved in successful projects. Assessors with a proven track record, such as our team here at Encon Associates, are more likely to deliver reliable and accurate assessments.

e. Gauge their expertise in relevant BREEAM categories

As BREEAM covers a variety of categories, it is imperative that you find a BREEAM assessor who has expertise in the specific areas relating to your project. Assessors specialising in the categories aligned with your goals and requirements will provide tailored guidance and help ensure the maximum sustainability of your buildings.

f. Evaluate their knowledge of local building regulations and standards

Building regulations and standards vary across regions. A competent BREEAM assessor should be well-versed in the local regulations and standards as this will help your project satisfy the necessary requirements.

g. Inquire about their experience with similar projects

You should ask your potential assessors about their experience with projects similar to yours. Assessors familiar with the type of development you are undertaking will understand the unique challenges and requirements, and therefore provide more accurate assessments and valuable insights.

h. Evaluate their responsiveness and communication style

Effective communication is vital throughout the assessment process. It is therefore crucial that your chosen assessor demonstrates responsiveness and clear communication from the initial contact. This will be an indication of their professionalism and commitment to delivering a seamless experience.

i. Consider online testimonials and reviews

Look for testimonials or reviews on the assessor’s website or online platforms. Genuine feedback from previous clients can give you a valuable insight into their strengths, weaknesses and overall performance, which will in turn enable you to find a BREEAM assessor who will tick all your boxes.


Leverage the Expertise of a Trusted BREEAM Assessor

Although finding a reliable BREEAM assessor requires careful consideration and research, it will be well worth the effort. By conducting some online research, seeking recommendations, verifying accreditation, and evaluating their expertise and track record, you will be able to find an assessor who will guide you towards achieving your sustainability goals. In addition, it is also a good idea to prioritise effective communication and to consider feedback from previous clients. With a reliable BREEAM assessor by your side, you can ensure that your projects meet the highest sustainability and environmental performance standards. 

If you require the expert assistance of a BREEAM assessor, our team at Encon Associates will be happy to help. With many years of experience and a solid track record of success, we can provide you with the expert guidance you need. Get in touch with us today!

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