Navigating BREEAM Technical Standards with a Sustainable Construction Consultant

BREEAM Sustainability Consultant

Acquiring a BREEAM certification brings numerous advantages, including enhanced marketability, increased property value, and improved environmental performance. However, achieving your desired rating and sustainability goals within the BREEAM framework can pose significant challenges without adequate knowledge or expert guidance. Understanding the intricate technical standards and fulfilling the stringent criteria requires comprehensive expertise. The good news is you can seek the assistance of a sustainable construction consultant, who can provide invaluable guidance to help you navigate BREEAM's complexities, ensuring your project meets sustainability objectives and achieves your desired certification level.

Understanding the BREEAM Technical Standards

BREEAM technical standards serve as a comprehensive framework for measuring the environmental performance of buildings and infrastructure projects. Their primary goal is to promote sustainability by evaluating various aspects such as energy efficiency, resource conservation, and environmental impact reduction.

Encompassing a wide range of criteria, these standards are meticulously crafted to address specific sustainability challenges and encourage best practices in construction and operation. They are:

  1. Energy - evaluates the energy efficiency of buildings and encourages the use of sustainable and renewable energy to minimise carbon emissions and reduce operational costs.
  2. Health & well-being - focuses on creating indoor environments that support occupant health, comfort, and productivity through factors such as ergonomic design, natural lighting, and indoor air quality.
  3. Land use - addresses the responsible use of land resources, including site selection, biodiversity conservation, and habitat preservation.
  4. Materials - emphasises the selection of sustainable building materials and products, considering factors such as life cycle assessment, resource efficiency, and environmental impact.
  5. Management - evaluates the effectiveness of management practices related to sustainability, including policies, procedures, and performance monitoring systems.
  6. Pollution - manages and minimises pollution across various aspects of building operation, such as air and water quality, noise pollution, and hazardous substance management.
  7. Transport - promotes sustainable transportation options and infrastructure to reduce carbon emissions, alleviate traffic congestion, and enhance accessibility.
  8. Waste - addresses waste generation, management, and recycling strategies throughout the building's life cycle, aiming to minimise landfill disposal and promote circular economy principles.
  9. Water - focuses on water conservation, quality, and efficient use through measures such as rainwater harvesting, greywater recycling, and low-flow fixtures.
  10. Innovation - recognises and rewards innovative strategies and technologies that contribute to sustainability beyond standard practice, fostering continuous improvement and adaptation.


Benefits of Engaging an Experienced Consultant

Navigating the complexities of the BREEAM certification process and achieving desired sustainability goals demands expertise and precision. Engaging a sustainable construction consultant, such as our team at Encon Associates, offers a strategic advantage by tapping into their specialised knowledge and tailored solutions.

Expertise in BREEAM standards

  1. In-depth knowledge of criteria and requirements
    Sustainability consultants possess a comprehensive understanding and expertise in BREEAM standards. This enables them to navigate the intricate technical requirements and criteria of the certification process. Their familiarity with the nuances of BREEAM ensures thorough compliance and maximises the potential for achieving desired ratings.
  2. Stay updated with the latest changes and updates
    BREEAM standards evolve over time to reflect advancements in sustainability practices and industry trends and changes in building regulations. Sustainable consultants stay abreast of these changes, continuously updating their knowledge base to incorporate the latest standards and guidelines. By working with sustainability specialists, you can ensure your project meets current BREEAM requirements and capitalise on emerging opportunities for enhanced sustainability performance.

Customised solutions

  1. Tailored strategies
    As you know, every construction project is unique. BREEAM consultants leverage their expertise to develop tailored strategies and solutions that meet the specific requirements and characteristics of your project. By considering essential factors such as building type, location, budget, and stakeholder priorities, they craft customised approaches to optimise sustainability outcomes and BREEAM certification potential.
  2. Optimisation of sustainability measures
    BREEAM consultants specialise in identifying opportunities for improving sustainability performance across various aspects of the project, from building design and construction to operation and maintenance. Through detailed analysis and strategic planning, they help you prioritise and implement cost-effective measures that enhance energy efficiency, resource conservation, and environmental stewardship. Furthermore, sustainability consultants can help you achieve higher BREEAM ratings and long-term value for your project.


The Sustainability Consultant's Role in the BREEAM Assessment Process

From initial planning to post-construction evaluation, BREEAM sustainability consultants provide invaluable expertise and support. With their expert assistance, you can rest assured sustainability objectives are integrated seamlessly into every phase of your project.

Pre-assessment phase

  1. Project review and identification of potential challenges
    BREEAM consultants begin by conducting a comprehensive review of the project scope, objectives, and constraints. This includes assessing site conditions, building design, and stakeholder requirements to identify potential challenges and opportunities for sustainability enhancement within the BREEAM framework.
  2. Initial compliance analysis
    Consultants perform an initial compliance analysis to evaluate the project's alignment with BREEAM criteria and requirements. This involves reviewing project documentation, conducting site visits, and assessing key performance indicators to identify areas for improvement and establish a baseline for further assessment.

Design stage

  1. Collaboration with project teams
    During the design stage, sustainable consultants collaborate closely with project teams to integrate BREEAM strategies into the design process. They provide guidance and expertise to architects, engineers, and other stakeholders, ensuring sustainability objectives are incorporated effectively into every design decision.
  2. Implementation of BREEAM strategies
    Consultants oversee the implementation of BREEAM strategies, such as energy-efficient design, sustainable material selection, and water conservation measures. They work closely with project teams to ensure sustainable practices are integrated throughout the design process, resulting in a holistic approach to achieving a BREEAM certification.

Post-construction stage

  1. Verification and documentation
    Upon completion of construction, consultants verify compliance with BREEAM standards through on-site inspections, data collection, and documentation review. They ensure all sustainability measures and performance targets are met according to the scheme’s requirements.
  2. Recommendations for improvement
    Sustainable construction consultants provide post-construction feedback and recommendations for further improvement based on the assessment findings. This may include suggestions for operational enhancements, maintenance practices, and future sustainability initiatives to optimise the building's performance and maintain BREEAM certification over time.


Leverage the Knowledge and Expertise of Sustainable Consultants

Experienced consultants bring a lot to the table when it comes to ensuring sustainable construction and seeking a BREEAM certification. Not only does their guidance ensure adherence to standards, but it also facilitates the optimisation of sustainability measures tailored to your project's unique needs. By leveraging their expertise across the assessment phases, you can confidently navigate the complexities of BREEAM, maximise sustainability outcomes, and obtain the long-term benefits of environmentally conscious construction practices.

If you require the expertise of sustainable consultants, our team at Encon Associates is on hand to help. Drawing upon our years of industry experience, we offer comprehensive support and guidance throughout the BREEAM assessment process. Get in touch with us, and we will provide the solutions you require.

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