The Role of BREEAM Consultants in Sustainable Construction

Role of BREEAM Consultant

As sustainability has become a vital concern across diverse industries, it is encouraging to witness various sectors making concerted efforts to prioritise eco-friendly practices. Among these, the construction industry stands out as a key player in this global shift towards environmental consciousness. Embracing a commitment to sustainable development, construction companies are increasingly adopting eco-friendly practices to mitigate their environmental impact. At the forefront of this movement are BREEAM consultants, playing a pivotal role in guiding builders towards a more sustainable future.


Sustainability in the Construction Industry

Sustainability encapsulates a commitment to practices that balance environmental, social and economic considerations. Put simply, it fulfils the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own requirements. In the construction industry, this translates into adopting methods and materials that minimise negative environmental impacts, enhance energy efficiency, promote social well-being and ensure long-term economic viability. From a project’s initial planning stage through to completion, sustainable construction involves creating structures that are in harmony with their surroundings, reduce resource consumption and promote resilience in the face of evolving environmental challenges.


Importance of sustainable construction

In the current global landscape, the importance of sustainable construction cannot be overstated. Beyond mere environmental stewardship, sustainable construction addresses a spectrum of critical issues that resonate with societal and economic well-being. First, it significantly reduces the industry’s carbon footprint, mitigating the harmful effects of climate change by curbing emissions, conserving energy and embracing renewable resources. It also fosters healthier and more liveable spaces, promoting the well-being of occupants and contributing to community vitality.

Economically, sustainable construction is beneficial as it reduces operational costs via energy-efficient measures and the minimisation of waste generation. It also aligns with evolving regulatory standards, positioning projects for long-term success. Furthermore, sustainable construction often translates into improved marketability as eco-conscious consumers and investors are increasingly favouring projects that embody responsible environmental practices.

In essence, sustainability in the construction industry reflects a commitment to ethical and responsible business practices and serves as a catalyst for innovation, resilience and long-term prosperity. As global awareness of various environmental issues grows, sustainable construction becomes an integral cornerstone for a forward-thinking and resilient built environment.


BREEAM: The Global Sustainability Standard

The BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) certification process provides a comprehensive framework to assess and certify the environmental performance of buildings. Developed by the Building Research Establishment, it evaluates various aspects of a project, including energy and water usage, materials, waste management, and ecological impact.

The certification process involves a rigorous assessment carried out by qualified and licensed BREEAM professionals. These professionals guide project teams through a step-by-step evaluation, helping them understand and implement sustainable practices from the design stage through to post-construction. The assessment encompasses categories such as energy efficiency, health and well-being, materials selection, and management processes. Based on the project’s performance in these categories, a BREEAM rating is awarded, ranging from Pass to Outstanding.


Benefits of securing a BREEAM certification

Securing a BREEAM certification offers a myriad of benefits that extend beyond mere recognition. It provides a credible and internationally recognised endorsement of a building’s commitment to sustainability. The certification enhances the marketability of a project while positioning it as a socially responsible and environmentally conscious endeavour.

Financially, BREEAM-certified buildings often experience reduced operational costs through improved energy efficiency and resource management. In addition, many governments offer incentives, grants or faster permitting processes for projects that achieve BREEAM certification, further enhancing the financial appeal.

From a societal perspective, BREEAM-certified buildings prioritise the health and well-being of occupants. Improved indoor environmental quality, enhanced natural light and efficient waste management help create spaces that promote occupant comfort and productivity.


How BREEAM Consultants Can Help You Undertake Sustainable Projects

The expert guidance of a highly experienced BREEAM consultant, specifically a BREEAM Accredited Professional (AP), is invaluable when pursuing sustainable construction or refurbishment projects. Their expertise and ability to provide innovative and practical solutions for complex sustainability challenges can pave the way for forward-thinking and resilient construction practices.

1. Initial project assessment

Evaluating sustainability goals

Consultants conduct a thorough assessment of the project’s overarching goals. Understanding the unique aspirations and objectives enables them to tailor their guidance to meet sustainability targets set by the project team.

Identifying potential challenges

In the initial stages, BREEAM APs identify potential challenges that may impede the project’s sustainability objectives. This proactive approach allows for the development of effective strategies to overcome hurdles, ensuring sustainable practices are seamlessly integrated into the construction process.


2. BREEAM certification guidance

Assisting the selection of the appropriate BREEAM rating

Consultants provide invaluable insights into how to choose the most appropriate BREEAM rating for a project. While considering the project’s scope, scale and aspirations, they guide project teams and stakeholders in selecting a certification level that aligns with their sustainability ambitions.

Furthermore, working with a BREEAM AP is extremely advantageous in terms of achieving your desired rating. The strategic involvement of a BREEAM AP, when appropriately engaged in the project timeline, will not only provide you with expert guidance but also enable you to secure up to three valuable BREEAM credits.

Developing strategies to meet certification requirements

Navigating the intricacies of BREEAM certification can be complex. BREEAM APs play a crucial role in developing tailored strategies to meet certification requirements. From energy-efficient measures to sustainable material choices, they offer expert guidance and solutions to ensure the project meets the stringent criteria set by BREEAM.


3. Collaboration with the project team

Coordinating with architects, engineers and contractors

Consultants foster a collaborative environment by coordinating with key project stakeholders, including architects, engineers and contractors. Their positive approach to collaboration ensures that sustainability considerations are seamlessly integrated into the design and construction processes.

Facilitating communication on sustainability goals

Effective communication is paramount in sustainable projects. BREEAM APs act as liaisons, facilitating clear and consistent communication between the project team members. This ensures sustainability goals are understood, embraced and implemented at every stage of the project.


4. Sustainable design recommendations

Providing guidance on materials and technologies

BREEAM consultants offer expert advice on sustainable materials and technologies, assisting in the selection of environmentally friendly options that match the project goals. This guidance extends to the entire lifecycle of materials, from sourcing to disposal.

Advising on energy-efficient solutions

Energy efficiency is a vital component of sustainable construction. BREEAM APs provide recommendations on cutting-edge technologies and design principles that enhance energy performance, contributing to reduced environmental impact and long-term operational savings.


5. Monitoring and evaluation

Regular site visits for compliance checks

Consultants conduct regular site visits to ensure the construction project meets established sustainability guidelines. These visits involve onsite assessments, compliance checks and proactive identification of any deviations from the sustainability plan.

Documenting and reporting progress

Rigorous documentation and progress reporting are integral to the BREEAM certification process. BREEAM consultants meticulously document the project’s sustainability journey, providing stakeholders with transparent insights into the progress made and areas that may require attention.


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The expertise and dedication of BREEAM APs and consultants can smooth the path towards sustainability, offering bespoke solutions that will address the unique challenges of every project. Their involvement ensures not only compliance with BREEAM standards but a holistic integration of eco-friendly practices throughout the project’s lifecycle. Moreover, by fostering collaboration among diverse stakeholders and providing innovative recommendations, they contribute to the creation of spaces that prioritise environmental responsibility, occupant well-being and long-term prosperity.

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