What can you save with a BREEAM assessment?

The climate change summit in Paris last autumn brought much to light about how greatly buildings and the construction industry as a whole can contribute to cutting CO2 emissions. Making a significant positive impression on the climate is a battle which will take time and determination, but in the process the industry will benefit by keeping clients happy and, contrary to popular belief, saving money.

According to Architects Journal, many sectors and industries can save a significant amount of carbon with a BREEAM assessed building; with offices saving 24%; the education sector saving 19% and prisons saving the most with 28%. These revelations confirm that BREEAM assessed buildings do not simply benefit the environment, but also the wallet!

The loss of energy through poor building design is not only bad for the environment, it is also expensive. With a BREEAM assessed building, you can guarantee your buildings are retaining this energy, and you can ensure your clients are getting the most out of your property. Not only this; but retaining valuable energy means spending a lot less money on bills.

Want to save money, the environment and keep your clients happy? Looks like a BREEAM certification is what you need.



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