The Benefits of BREEAM-Certified Buildings

The Benefits of BREEAM-Certified Buildings

The construction industry is witnessing a significant surge in sustainable projects, driven by a growing commitment to eco-friendly practices and environmental responsibility. Among these initiatives, BREEAM-certified buildings stand out as exemplary models, and for good reason! If you are about to embark on a new project, whether it’s a new construction or a refurbishment, there are several reasons why you should consider having it certified by BREEAM.


Environmental Benefits 

BREEAM-rated buildings can have a substantial and positive impact on the environment. Not only do these benefits align with the global movement towards sustainable and responsible construction, but they are also a testament to the vital role that these certifications play in creating a more environmentally friendly future.

 1. Reduced carbon emissions

Buildings that have undergone BREEAM assessments and received high ratings offer a significant advantage in the fight against climate change by substantially reducing carbon emissions. They achieve this through energy-efficient design, renewable energy integration and innovative building practices. By minimising energy consumption and promoting the use of clean energy sources, these buildings significantly reduce their carbon footprint.

 2. Resource conservation

Another notable environmental benefit of BREEAM-certified projects relates to their resource conservation. These structures prioritise the efficient use of materials and resources, reducing waste during the construction process as well as throughout their operational life. By incorporating sustainable materials and promoting responsible sourcing, they contribute to preserving natural resources, helping maintain a delicate balance in a world with limited raw materials.

 3. Biodiversity preservation

BREEAM certification places a strong emphasis on the conservation of biodiversity. Projects are encouraged to create and protect habitats for local flora and fauna, whether through green roofs, urban gardens or carefully designed landscapes. This focus on biodiversity preservation enhances the overall ecological health of the area and promotes a more harmonious coexistence between built environments and the natural world.


Economic Benefits 

BREEAM-certified buildings offer substantial economic advantages that benefit the owners and investors while also promoting a more sustainable and competitive real estate market.

 1. Increased property value

Buildings certified by BREEAM often command higher property values as they are considered to be desirable investments due to their sustainable design, reduced environmental impact and lower operating costs. Investors and buyers are willing to pay a premium for properties that offer long-term value, making BREEAM certification a smart financial choice for both developers and building owners alike.

 2. Lower operating costs

One of the most tangible economic benefits of BREEAM-certified buildings is their lower operating costs. These structures are meticulously designed to promote energy efficiency, water conservation and waste reduction, leading to substantial savings throughout their lifecycle. Paying less for energy, maintenance and waste management will contribute to healthier profit margins, fostering long-term financial sustainability for your business.

 3. Access to government grants and incentives

Governments across the world are increasingly offering financial incentives, grants and tax breaks to encourage sustainable building practices. Projects that pass BREEAM assessments with flying colours often qualify for these benefits, further enhancing their economic viability. These incentives can offset the initial construction costs, making it financially attractive to pursue BREEAM certification and contributing to a faster return on investment.

 4. Enhanced marketability and competitiveness

BREEAM certification enhances a building’s marketability and competitiveness in the real estate industry. Sustainable, eco-friendly structures appeal to environmentally conscious tenants, businesses and consumers. Furthermore, many corporations prioritise leasing or owning BREEAM-certified spaces to meet their sustainability goals and improve their corporate image. This demand in turn drives up occupancy rates and rental yields.


Social Benefits 

Amidst the growing awareness of the importance of sustainable and people-centric design in the built environment, BREEAM-certified projects help promote individual and community well-being. Here’s how.

 1. Improved user health and well-being

BREEAM-certified structures incorporate features such as abundant natural light, superior indoor air quality and ergonomic design, all of which contribute to the physical and mental well-being of the people working or living there.

 2. Enhanced quality of life

In addition to better health, BREEAM-certified projects help improve an individual’s overall quality of life. Access to green spaces, reduced noise pollution and comfortable indoor environments can make daily life more pleasant and stress-free for the building’s users. In fact, these considerations extend beyond the building’s occupants to the surrounding community, making neighbourhoods more attractive and enjoyable places to live and work.

 3. Positive business image and community perception

BREEAM certification carries a strong message of corporate responsibility and environmental stewardship. Businesses and organisations in BREEAM-rated buildings benefit from a positive image as environmentally conscious entities. This perception resonates well with customers, clients and employees seeking sustainable and socially responsible partners. Furthermore, these buildings contribute to a positive community perception, demonstrating a commitment to the well-being of the neighbourhoods they inhabit and enhancing the social fabric of the area. 

Regulatory Compliance 

BREEAM certification supports regulatory compliance, simplifying the construction process and contributing to the overall financial viability and success of a construction or refurbishment project.

 1. Meeting local and international building standards

BREEAM-certified projects inherently complement many local and international building standards and regulations, including those in force in the UK. By design, they incorporate best practices in terms of sustainability and environmental responsibility, ensuring compliance with the stringent requirements set by government authorities, local municipalities and global building codes. This built-in adherence to the regulations reduces the risk of costly compliance issues during construction and occupancy.

 2. Streamlined permission process

Developers and builders of BREEAM-certified structures often find that their projects benefit from a streamlined permission process. Regulatory bodies are increasingly recognising the value of sustainable construction, and BREEAM certification serves as a well-established roadmap for meeting these regulations. This recognition can expedite approvals and permissions, reducing delays as well as the associated costs.

 3. Avoidance of fines and penalties

As you know, non-compliance with environmental regulations can lead to fines and penalties that add significant costs to a construction project. Due to the rigorous focus on sustainability and adherence to best practices, BREEAM-certified buildings are less likely to face such financial consequences. By proactively addressing environmental concerns and meeting or exceeding regulatory requirements, you can avoid the potential financial setbacks associated with non-compliance.


Obtain BREEAM Certification for Your Projects Today! 

Projects certified by BREEAM offer a number of benefits, ranging from environmental and economic advantages to social and regulatory compliance. The holistic approach to sustainability not only reduces a building’s environmental footprint but also enhances the quality of life for its occupants, bolsters financial viability and simplifies regulatory compliance. BREEAM-certified buildings exemplify a more responsible and forward-thinking approach to construction, reflecting the evolving demands of a greener and more sustainable future. 

The expertise of BREEAM APs and Assessors can prove invaluable in helping you achieve your sustainability goals and desired rating. If you need any assistance from our highly experienced BREEAM professionals at Encon Associates, please get in touch and we will happily provide you with tailored solutions for your building projects.

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