BREEAM 2008 Assessments

At Encon Associates, our highly experienced BREEAM assessors can provide full BREEAM 2008 assessments.

By using our experience as BREEAM assessors and our detailed knowledge of sustainable construction, we are able to assess the environmental impact of your proposed development in accordance with the BREEAM 2008 assessment methodology.

How Encon Associates Can Help

Our team of assessors are highly qualified to equip you with the guidance and expertise you need to complete your project. Using the BREEAM method, we have assessed and evaluated numerous developments across the United Kingdom. This has enabled us to gain and develop the knowledge and experience needed to provide efficient and effective advisory and assessment services to our clients.

As the BREEAM assessor of your project, Encon Associates can fully assist you and your design team in ensuring that you meet the highest environmental standards and achieve your desired BREEAM 2008 assessment rating. We can also provide many other design and advisory services required under the BRE umbrella to help you achieve your sustainability goals.

About BREEAM 2008 Assessments

Introduced in August 2008, BREEAM 2008 is an assessment method superseded by both BREEAM 2011 and 2014, and subsequently 2018. However, many projects in the UK have been pre-registered under this scheme or have a contractual requirement to be delivered using this methodology. At Encon Associates, we are experienced in assessing projects under these circumstances. However, in order for a BREEAM assessor to perform evaluations under the BREEAM 2008 methodology, the scheme will need to be pre-registered. Developers may also be required to provide contractual evidence indicating that the development project should be inspected and evaluated under BREEAM 2008.

The BREEAM 2008 assessment methodology is very similar to the 2006 version. However, this particular iteration introduced a mandatory two-stage assessment process. The first stage is the design stage assessment that leads to a provisional BREEAM rating and certificate. The second stage is the post-construction stage assessment that results in the final BREEAM rating and certification.

This means that under the 2008 standards, a project cannot undergo formal BREEAM accreditation and obtain the required rating without fulfilling the post-construction stage. Credit updates were also included in this scheme to make the assessment more robust.


To ensure thorough and accurate evaluations and assessments, assessors should pay keen attention to detail. This is the reason why our team at Encon Associates use the IES TaP for BREEAM tracking system when conducting BREEAM 2008 assessments. This award-winning tool enables us to provide evaluations with a high degree of accuracy. It also helps us save time and effort by allowing us to perform project management, progress reporting and integrated submission to BRE for QA and BREEAM certification using just one tool.

IES TaP for BREEAM is also extremely beneficial to you and other developers. It enables your design team to determine the credits that still need to be completed for your project to achieve the required BREEAM rating. It also provides updates on the status of your project in real time. Because data is added and stored in the cloud, IES TaP for BREEAM keeps your design team in the loop wherever they might be, helping ensure that the development project is proceeding as scheduled and will be completed in a timely manner.

Indeed, using this highly convenient tool throughout your project can be hugely beneficial. You can read all about the advantages here.

We are BREEAM Assessment Professionals

Earn Additional BREEAM Credits with Encon Associates

Besides providing BREEAM 2008 assessments, our assessors at Encon Associates also offer a wide range of design and advisory services to help you secure extra BREEAM credits. Signing up for these services will help ensure that your proposed development will achieve your target BREEAM rating and an excellent level of sustainability. They are:

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At Encon Associates, we are dedicated to providing our clients with high-quality BREEAM assessment and advisory solutions. Our services aim to help you fulfil your commitment to responsible development and achieving sustainability on  goals.

If your project needs to be assessed under the 2008 iteration of the BREEAM assessment methodology, our highly experienced assessors are in the best position to provide your design team with the expert guidance they need. We can offer you impartial and timely advice to ensure that your proposed development is proceeding in accordance with the latest sustainability standards.

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