BREEAM 2018 Assessments

Following significant updates in March 2018, we at Encon Associates are here to offer you guidance on achieving your desired BREEAM 2018 rating.

At Encon Associates, we offer a substantial assessment service as BREEAM Assessors and Sustainability Champion (formerly Accredited Professional or AP). We have never missed a targeted rating in the company's history. You will be sure to find BREEAM a very straightforward process when working with our experienced consultants.

What's New with the 2018 Standards?

BREEAM is updated regularly to reflect the ever-changing needs and better address the concerns of the UK construction industry. The most recent changes were announced on the 7th of March 2018.  All schemes submitted after the 23rd of March 2018 will follow the 2018 standards instead of the 2014 version.

Here is a summary of some of the most notable differences between the BREEAM 2014 and 2018 standards.


MAN 03

AP credits are now determined according to the results of the Sustainability Champion Consultation and the new Advisory Professional role.

Considerate Constructors credit now amended to Responsible Construction Management. This section has had a significant change to the criteria and looks at several key construction management areas.

MAN 04

Developers must provide two separate building user guides and training: one for the building user/occupier and one for the premise manager.

Health and Wellbeing

HEA 02

Instead of being a separate credit, the indoor air quality plan is now a pre-requisite. It also has new standards or criteria for air quality in specific locations, such as laboratories. The introduction of pre-requisite credits means that if this area is not addressed, the remaining credits within that section cannot be achieved.

HEA 04

Using the new CIBSE 2016 weather files is now a requirement of the design for future thermal comfort criteria.

HEA 07

HEA07 is a new section, and it grants credit for the assessment of the Outside Space as well as the previous safe access criteria formally assessed under credit HEA06.


ENE 01

All assessment types have nine (9) credits available at the design stage for energy performance.

The credit now incorporates the assessment of operational performance which allows the award of up to four (4) additional credits.

ENE 04

Amendments to the passive design analysis and low zero carbon feasibility study criteria were made. As part of the changes, "meaningful reduction" in energy is no longer a requirement. However, a reduction still needs to be realized and quantified.


TRA 01

The number of available credits was reduced to two. Also, design teams must submit travel plan requirements as part of this credit.      

TRA 02

To award any credits within this section the Pre-requisite Transport Assessment and Travel Plan from TRA 01 must be achieved.

Based on the analysis required in TRA 01, design teams must implement sustainable transport measures to improve the existing on-site/offsite transport situation. This ranges from onsite transport requirements such as cycle racks and car-sharing through to offsite improvements such as improvement of the local cycle network.


WAT 01

The benchmarks for the alternative WAT 01 calculation were updated. Also, there is now enhanced flexibility of assessments for healthcare buildings.


MAT 01

Substantial changes have been made to MAT 01. It now includes the assessment of hard landscaping (previously MAT 02) and insulation (previously MAT 04). The Mat 01 credit now requires early stage action of the credit as early as RIBA 1-2 via the production of a Life Cycle Analysis (LCA). This credit is one of the most significant changes in this update.

MAT 03

The benchmarks for this credit have been lowered, however, this credit is still difficult to achieve overall.

MAT 05

Protection measures for malicious damage were incorporated into the 2018 standards.


WST 01

The pre-demolition audit is now a dedicated credit.

WST 05

The 2018 version of BREEAM added building services to the scope of the assessment.

WST 06

Disassembly and adaptability have been incorporated into the title and scope of the issue. This credit was formally known as WST 06 Functional Adaptability and now has additional criteria to be met.

Land Use and Ecology

Generally, the Ecology section has had a major overhaul based on detailed discussions with consultants in the ecology sector. This section puts a great deal more emphasis on the involvement of the ecologist right through the process from inception right through to completion.

LE 02

The criteria put more focus and emphasis on understanding the ecological baseline of the site and the project's risks and opportunities.

LE 03

To receive the available credit, design teams should assess and manage the project's negative impacts through consideration, avoidance, protection, damage reduction/limitation, and compensation.

LE 04

Developers/contractors will receive the available credit by taking measures or solutions to improve the site's ecology.


POL 02

More focus has been placed on local air quality. Besides NOx emissions, assessments now include VOCs and particulate matter emissions.

POL 03

To receive any credits, appointing a consultant is now a pre-requisite. Water pollution prevention systems should be tailor-made for the project's specific needs.

 To view all the updates to BREEAM, click here.

Why Choose Encon Associates

We offer the full 360 degrees of an assessment, from Pre-Assessment right to the construction phase certification. On top of this, our business has been built around helping companies achieve the environmental credits required to obtain an excellent BREEAM 2018 rating. Many of our services also double up with planning requirements.

Encon Associates are highly skilled and experienced consultants. We have reviewed and assessed the performance of thousands of development projects in the United Kingdom using the BREEAM method. This experience enables us to provide you with the guidance you need to design and build sustainable and environmentally focused projects and obtain the BREEAM rating you desire.

As your chosen BREEAM assessor, we will offer you the expertise and assistance you need to help you meet the highest environmental standards, apply them to your project and achieve your sustainability goals.

We Use the Award-Winning IES TaP for BREEAM

At Encon Associates, our team does not use outdated spreadsheets or other manual methods to conduct and manage our assessments. Instead, we use the award-winning project management tool IES TaP for BREEAM     .

With IES Tap for BREEAM, data is added into the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere in the world. This means any updated info is always live, and you won't need to worry about having an out-of-date Excel spreadsheet. This makes things more convenient for your design team as it allows them to stay updated on your project's status no matter where they are.

The system is also used to allocate credits to the team working on the project to give a clear and reliable view of where the credits are. It also allows your design team to quickly and easily identify what credits still need to be completed to meet the required rating. With a highly reliable and convenient tool such as IES TaP for BREEAM, you can expedite all processes and ensure your development's quick completion.

To learn more about the revolutionary IES TaP for BREEAM and how it can contribute to your project's success, please click here.

Let Us Help You Obtain Extra BREEAM Credits

At Encon Associates, we offer a wide range of BREEAM design and consultancy solutions to help our clients achieve their construction and sustainability targets. Our advisory services include:

  • Daylight CalculationsWe use the latest technology and advanced computer simulations to evaluate the daylight efficiency of your scheme and offer advice on possible improvements.      
  • Energy Assessments – As qualified energy assessors we can provide advice and guidance towards meeting your Design and compliance requirements for all project types. Encon Associates offer advanced energy simulations via Dynamic Simulation Modelling (DSM) to ensure the most accurate energy modeling available.      
  • Thermographic Inspections –Our fully qualified thermographers can undertake thermographic inspections across all building types to inspect for thermal anomalies. Typical thermographic surveys would include building envelope, roof, windows, and doors.
  • Travel Plans – Our highly experienced transport consultants can help you determine ways to reduce reliance on motor vehicles through measures that encourage people to walk, cycle or use public transport.
  • Deliveries & Manoeuvring – Our consultants utilise the latest in vehicle tracking software to provide detailed swept path analysis to demonstrate the suitability of the highway design to support your BREEAM Assessment or planning approval.      
  • Enhancing Site Ecology –As fully qualified landscape architects and ecologists, Encon Associates are ideally positioned to provide you with the expert advice needed to enhance the ecology of your site.
  • Ecological Services – As ecology experts, we can provide specialist consultancy to help mitigate ecological risks, and enhance your site ecology for both planning and BREEAM requirements. 
  • Flood Risk Assessments – Our consultants can provide flood risk reporting and advice to help mitigate your sites' flood risk. We can also provide guidance towards meeting the relevant requirements such as planning and sequential testing. 
  • Noise Impact Assessments – Our Suitably Qualified Acousticians can provide consultancy services to identify noise impact as well as noise reduction for both residential and commercial projects.

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The BREEAM methodology is updated regularly by The Building Research Establishment (BRE) to meet the changing needs and responsibilities of the industry.  Ensuring that your project meets the latest sustainability standards is crucial to its success. This is why we at Encon Associates are best placed to guide you towards achieving your BREEAM and sustainability goals.

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