IES TaP - Project Management for BREEAM and CSH

If you engage Encon Associates to assess your BREEAM, or Code for Sustainable Homes project, you will be given free access to the secure, easy to use project management system IES TaP.

IES TaP is a project management system allowing you to follow the progress of your project online, in real-time, so everyone involved in the scheme knows exactly where they are in the evidence gathering process.  This means that when using Encon Associates for your BREEAM or CSH project, you will have full visibility of progress, and your project will be managed effectively.

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Benefits of IES TaP

Defining your project evidence requirements

Your project will be set up allowing you to see all the evidence requirements to meet your assessment rating target.

Knowing who is responsible for providing which piece of evidence

Each project member will be given their own unique login and will be assigned responsibility for providing the relevant evidence.  This allocates defined tasks for the design team members.

Upload your evidence, securely for storage on the IES TaP servers

Project members can securely upload evidence documents to the website for each relevant assessment criteria, thus speeding up the process of demonstrating compliance.

Keep up to date

Receive notification emails when your evidence has been uploaded, when it has been accepted, or if you need to re-supply.  You will also receive regular update emails throughout the project showing you the current progress of evidence gathered and even overdue notifications if evidence hasn't been provided by a specified date.

Tracking progress in real-time

Log into the portal at any time to see the progress of your project in real-time.  This will show you exactly what is outstanding and how far off you are from achieving compliance.

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Customer Testimonials

"The use of the IES TaP product made monitoring completion of the BREEAM credits far more visible and as project manager I was able to obtain reports very easily - meaning the whole BREEAM process was managed in an efficient manner."

Angela Cobb
Mouchel Advisory and Project Services

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