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Encon Associates are experienced in dealing with specific BREEAM criteria such as BREEAM Industrial, assessing a number of projects against this methodology.

At Encon Associates, we are well-versed in conducting environmental assessments using specific BREEAM criteria, such as BREEAM Industrial. Throughout the years, we have evaluated many development projects against this methodology to help companies achieve excellent levels of sustainability.

It is no secret that industrial facilities have been known to contribute to the growing environmental problems, not just in the UK but also in other parts of the world. This is why it is crucial to start constructing or refurbishing industrial buildings in a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way. By following this approach, not only can you do your bit to help the environment, but you can also future-proof your buildings and make them more efficient and cost-effective.

Constructing an industrial facility with a high level of sustainability can be challenging. You will need guidance and input from BREEAM experts to help ensure the success of your projects. Fortunately, at Encon Associates, we will offer you all the help and assistance you need.

As widely trusted and certified BREEAM assessment evaluators, we possess extensive experience in the field of construction, specifically in the industrial development sector. We have worked with numerous property developers, designers, architects and other construction professionals over the years. This has allowed us to assess the environmental impact of various industrial development projects using the BREEAM Industrial methodology.

If you choose us as your assessor, we will utilise our skills and expertise to the best of our ability, and provide you and your design team with services that are tailored to your exact requirements. This will ensure that your projects will meet the highest environmental standards and secure the best BREEAM rating possible.

About BREEAM Industrial

The BREEAM Industrial methodology is used to assess the environmental impact of the development and construction of storage and distribution centres, light industrial units, and factories and workshops in the following circumstances:

Speculative: Speculatively developed buildings with an unknown end occupier.

Fitted Out: Buildings that are being designed and fitted out for a known end occupier, or the end occupier is unknown but the operational area is being fitted out.

At Encon Associates, our BREEAM assessors will conduct industrial assessments and BREEAM certification for: 

  • New buildings
  • Buildings undergoing a major refurbishment


Conducting evaluations and assessments requires keen attention to detail. You have to be thorough to ensure that no detail is overlooked. Fortunately, our team at Encon Associates uses the IES TaP for BREEAM tracking system during our assessments and inspections. This tracking system enables us to perform project management, progress reporting and integrated submission to BRE for QA and BREEAM certification.

Using the IES TaP throughout your project can provide your company with considerable benefits. You can discover how it can help you save a significant amount of time, money and effort by clicking on this link.

 We are BREEAM Assessment Professionals

Additional BREEAM Credit Services

We offer a whole spectrum of BREEAM assessment, design, and advisory services to help your development projects achieve an outstanding level of sustainability and your target BREEAM rating. These include:

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