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As your trusted BREEAM assessors, our team at Encon Associates can provide you with high-quality and reliable "BREEAM Offices" assessments.

Green office spaces have become quite popular over the last few years and for good reason. Not only do they create a much healthier work environment, but sustainable workplaces also contribute to improved productivity and efficiency among employees. At the same time, they allow businesses to reduce their energy  costs, minimise the amount of waste they generate and make additional savings.

Sustainable office buildings utilise construction designs and practices that are geared towards reducing their negative impact on both the environment and employees. One of their main goals is to minimise their overall ecological footprint during and after the construction phase.

If you are planning to build green office spaces or refurbish existing ones, you will certainly need the knowledge and expertise of someone well-versed in the science of conducting environmental assessments. This will ensure compliance with regulations and, more importantly, the success of your development project.

Experienced BREEAM Assessors You Can Trust

At Encon Associates, we have extensive experience with sustainable and eco-friendly office developments. As certified BREEAM assessors, we have reviewed and improved the environmental performance of numerous office developments in different parts of the United Kingdom using the BREEAM Offices assessment methodology.

As your appointed BREEAM assessor, we will provide you and your design team with the assistance you require to ensure that your project will meet the highest environmental standards. We will also do our very best to help you achieve or even exceed the recommended BREEAM assessment rating.

About BREEAM Offices Assessments

At Encon Associates, our BREEAM assessors have the requisite training and experience when it comes to evaluating the eco-friendliness and level of sustainability of office buildings. As part of our service, we conduct office assessments on new and existing buildings, whether occupied or not, as follows:

  • New build or refurbishment: design and procurement
  • Existing (occupied): management and operation


We use the IES TaP for BREEAM tracking system in every assessment we carry out. This useful tool allows us to do our job quickly and efficiently. It provides us with project management solutions, progress reporting and integrated submission to BRE for QA and BREEAM certification.

Another advantage of IES TaP for BREEAM is that you will be able to keep track of your project in real time. You will be able to quickly ascertain where our assessors are in the evidence-gathering process. You can read more about this tracking tool and how it can benefit your BREEAM project here.

Earn Extra BREEAM Credits

At Encon Associates, we vow to fulfil your needs to ensure that your development project will meet all the specifications of BREEAM Offices and in turn achieve an excellent level of sustainability. In addition, we also offer a broad spectrum of BREEAM design and advisory services to help improve your chances of obtaining additional BREEAM credits. These services include:

  • Daylight Calculations – to help you reduce the need for artificial lighting so you or your clients can minimise your energy consumption and save more money.
  • Energy Assessments – to ensure the efficient use of energy, allowing you to reduce your daily heating and cooling costs while protecting the environment.
  • Thermographic Inspections – to help you determine whether there are certain parts of your building that suffer from unnecessary heat loss, allowing you to immediately correct the issue and minimise your heating costs.
  • Travel Plans – to help minimise your reliance on motor vehicles by incorporating measures that will encourage more people to walk, cycle or use public transport.
  • Deliveries & Manoeuvring – to facilitate the seamless movement of vehicles on site.
  • Enhancing Site Ecology – to help you create more green spaces, parks and landscapes that can help reduce air pollution and improve the look of your site.
  • Ecological Services – to help ensure that your project will follow the best practice guidelines, and meet the provisions and requirements of species protection legislation and national and local planning policies.
  • Flood Risk Assessments – to help ensure that your development project is not at risk of being affected by floods.
  • Noise Impact Assessments – to minimise the amount of noise pollution your office building generates.

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As many of us spend at least eight hours a day inside an office building, having a sustainable and eco-friendly working environment would undoubtedly be of enormous benefit. Not only would this help increase employee productivity and efficiency, but constructing or refurbishing offices with high levels of sustainability would also contribute to their wellbeing. At the same time, businesses could support efforts to protect the environment while minimising their daily energy costs.

At Encon Associates, we commend and support your efforts to construct sustainable and eco-friendly office buildings. This is why we are more than willing to offer our skills and expertise to ensure that you can meet your sustainability goals. We provide impartial guidance and advice that is designed to help you achieve or even exceed your target BREEAM rating.

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Conducting evaluations and assessments requires keen attention to detail. You have to be thorough to ensure that no detail is overlooked. Fortunately, our team at Encon Associates uses the IES TaP for BREEAM tracking system during our assessments and inspections. This tracking system enables us to perform project management, progress reporting and integrated submission to BRE for QA and BREEAM certification.

Using the IES TaP throughout your project can provide your company with considerable benefits. You can discover how it can help you save a significant amount of time, money and effort by clicking on this link.

 We are BREEAM Assessment Professionals

Additional BREEAM Credit Services

We offer a whole spectrum of BREEAM assessment, design, and advisory services to help your development projects achieve an outstanding level of sustainability and your target BREEAM rating. These include:

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