BREEAM Pre-Assessment

As experienced and respected BREEAM assessors, Encon Associates offer full BREEAM Pre-Assessment services.

Importance of BREEAM Pre-Assessments

A BREEAM pre-assessment is needed in a variety of circumstances. For the majority of cases, it is required to discharge planning conditions and provide support for the initial planning submission. In some cases, a pre-assessment is needed to inform a developer's design team of the predicted building rating and strategy.

In most cases during the planning process, local authorities are increasingly asking development companies and other construction professionals to provide sustainability reports to demonstrate the developments sustainability credentials. Fortunately, you don't have to worry about these requirements. At Encon Associates, we can offer you the assistance you need so you can quickly and efficiently secure planning permission and fulfill other vital criteria for your development projects.

We Can Help

If you are looking for BREEAM experts, then look no further than Encon Associates. As qualified BREEAM assessors, we will use our extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of sustainable construction to evaluate the environmental impact of your proposed development project before any on-site work commences. We will do this by conducting a BREEAM pre-assessment.

We will combine our pre-assessment reporting and our Energy Assessment expertise to meet the ever-increasing demands placed on developers by local governments. This is to ensure that your project will meet the highest standards of sustainable construction.

More importantly, we will provide you and your design team with all the assistance you need so you can have peace of mind knowing that you will fulfil the highest environmental standards possible. If necessary, our team will also offer you many other relevant design and advisory services to help you earn an outstanding BREEAM assessment rating.

About Our BREEAM Pre-Assessment Services

The BREEAM pre-assessment is a non-formal assessment method provided to help your design team make the right design decisions early . At Encon Associates, we offer a comprehensive pre-assessment service often conducted during a meeting or webinar chaired by one of our BREEAM Qualified Accredited Professionals (BREEAM AP). This way, the pre-assessment can provide you with early-stage evidence and count towards your AP guidance credits within BREEAM.

The BREEAM Pre-Assessment that we undertake at Encon Associates is complimented by the use of the award-winning IES TaP Green Building Ratings system. This will enable all of your design team members who are present during the meeting to see the live scoring and allow for the running of multiple credit scenarios in real-time. If you want to know how adding or withholding multiple credit scenarios can affect your scores, we can simulate this on the spot and provide instant reporting where required.

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At Encon Associates, we want to help you build highly sustainable and environmentally friendly development. As such, our entire BREEAM assessment team is always delighted to share our knowledge and expertise to ensure the success of your projects. We can offer you the expert guidance and advice you need so you can meet your sustainability targets and earn your desired BREEAM rating.

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