Protected Species Survey

Encon Associates provide a Protected Species Survey service which may be required as part of planning applications.

Local authorities will often require a survey for protected species which may be present on site to be provided with most planning applications. Animals such as bats, birds and newts are legally protected and must not be harmed by construction works. It is now a legal requirement to survey any building earmarked for demolition to ensure there are no bats present - this is where a Protected Species Survey is required

Ecology Surveys

Our fully qualified Ecologists are able to carry out protected species surveys and deal with any issues such as Phase I Ecological Surveys and offer pragmatic advice on mitigating impact on the development proposals from the presence of any ecological value on your site.

Ecology Surveys Service

Additional Services

We provide a number of services specifically designed to help mitigate commonly required planning conditions, support pre-application requirements, planning conditions, and planning objections and refusals.

Planning and Building Regulations Services

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