Code for Sustainable Homes Pre-Assessment

As experienced Code for Sustainable Homes assessors, Encon Associates can provide full Code for Sustainable Homes Pre-Assessments.

By using our experience of sustainable construction and our experience as Code for Sustainable Homes assessors, we are able to assess the environmental impact of your proposed development prior to work commencing on site via a Pre-Assessment.

A Pre-Assessment can be required for several reasons, however the majority of the time it is required to discharge planning conditions, provided in support of the initial planning submission OR inform the design team of the predicted building rating and strategy.

Local Authorities are increasingly asking for a Sustainability reports in order to achieve planning permission. Encon Associates have successfully combined our Pre-Assessment reporting with our Energy Assessment expertise to meet the ever increasing demands placed on developers by local government to achieve the highest standards of sustainable construction.

In our role as the assessor on your project, we can fully assist you and your design team to ensure the highest environmental standards are met and Code for Sustainable Homes assessment rating achieved, and can also provide many other design and advisory services required under the BRE umbrella.

About CfSH Pre-Assessments

The Pre-Assessment is a non formal assessment that is provided to assist the design team when making early design decisions. Encon Associates operate a comprehensive Pre-Assessment service usually based on a meeting/webinar chaired by one of our BREEAM Qualified Accredited Professionals (BREEAM AP), this way the Pre-Assessment can provide early stage evidence and count toward the AP guidance credits within BREEAM. All BREEAM Assessors at Encon Associates are also fully qualified Code for Sustainable Homes Assessors.

The Pre-Assessments undertaken by Encon Associates are complimented by the use of the award winning IES TaP Green Building Ratings system, this enables all design team members present to visually see the live scoring and allow the running of multiple credit scenarios. If you want to know the impact on the score by adding or withholding multiple credit scenarios we can simulate this on the spot and provide instant reporting where required.

Customer Testimonials

"As a development company it is important for us to have experts to guide us through Code for Sustainable Homes compliance and other environmental aspects which have to be incorporated in to our new build properties - that's why we have worked with Encon Associates for 3 years and have an excellent relationship with them."

Melissa Fennell
Fenwood Estates Limited

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