Red Shute Mill, Berkshire

Encon Associates were commissioned by H. Dolton & Son to carry out multiple consultancy services to demonstrate building performance levels against the BREEAM standards, including BREEAM Assessment, Daylight Calculation, Thermal Simulation Modelling, Ecological Surveying and Reporting, Travel Plan and Transport Statement, Indoor Air Quality Plan and an LZC Feasibility as part of their BREEAM ambitions.

Key Facts

Gross Floor Area: 1,040m²

Services Provided:

Contribution to Planning Consent:

BREEAM Very Good Target, Part L Building Regulations Compliance Reduction, Discharge Transport Assessment Planning Condition, Discharge Ecology Condition.

Contribution to BREEAM:

Daylight Compliance, Thermal Comfort Compliance, Maximise Ecology Benefits, Effective Transportation planning via Travel Plan and Transport Assessment

Key Environmental Facts:

Achieved an “Very Good” rating BREEAM.

Red Shute Mill

Daylight Simulation carried out by Encon Associates BREEAM & Energy Division

The Project

Encon Associates appointed as the project Energy Assessor providing advice and guidance to meeting Part L Building Regulations compliance and reduction of CO2 emission. The proposed new two storey office which accommodates 56 Staff has been simulated for its daylight performance and achieved a level of daylight throughout the building that met the necessary BREEAM criteria without need for any design alterations.  

As Encon Associates were appointed for multiple consultancy services we were able to advise that the glazed atrium containing a large area of south facing glazing would benefit from solar shading, this would help to reduce glare, improve the thermal comfort within that zone and subsequent cooling load.

The Result

By being appointed at an early stage in the design process for multiple consultancy services allowed the BREEAM assessment to run smoother at Design Stage. The client found the assessment process more cohesive when dealing with a single consultant to deliver multiple BREEAM credits, rather than a large design team with the potential for miscommunication. Due to the effective internal communication between Encon’s consultants, the turnaround times have been shorter, and the benefits of this passed on to the client.

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