Primary School Energy Statement, Warwickshire

Encon Associates were commissioned by the Governors of St Lawrence Church of England Primary School via the architect YMD Boon Ltd to produce an Energy Statement in support of their application to extend the school. 

Key Facts

Project: St Lawrence Church of England Primary School

Architect: YMD Boon

Services Provided: Energy Statement

Details: New foundation base at existing primary school. Provide specialised facilities for an external playgroup brough in house and turned full time.

YMD Boon design provided St Lawrence CE School with modern and specialised facilities at the school. Previously the school ran a playgroup at the local village hall for half day only. This scheme brought the service into the school for the full school day, improving access to the local community. The works provided improvements to existing accomodation, disabled access into and around the school, and general storage. Encon Associates provided the necessary Energy Statement to complement this project.

Proposed East Elevation

The Solution

Energy Statements are a planning requirement and should be included with all applications.

Encon Associates prepared the statement as requested by Stratford-on-Avon District Council.  It was produced in accordance with the Supplementary Planning Document "Sustainable Low-Carbon Buildings" in order to satisfy the requirements of the Authority towards encouraging sustainable design for all proposed construction works within their jurisdiction.

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